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The Bath Abbey: a magnificent construction designed to humble it's patrons, as a demonstration of God's great power.  That is, the power of the church.  This is a beautiful Abbey, though I was only able to stay in for so long (though long enough to put on my clown nose and entertain some traveling italian children.  I only felt a *little* disrespectful....)

This is Jessi and Armelle on our last day in Amsterdam.  We met the beautiful Armelle while practicing our juggling routine in Vondel Park.  Armelle and her brother Arnoud stopped to watch us, then joined us to play.  Arnoud is only 13 and is already an impressive Diabolist.  In an hour he showed a workable club cascade.  Armelle is a dancer and amateur acrobat.

On our second day of play, Armelle and I were trying a feet to hands lift (where Armelle stands on my hands and I lift her up as in a pushup.)  We were having trouble balancing, and coming down she fell flat on my face.  My fault for not being a better base.  It gave me a bloody nose and an apologetic Armelle.  We hoped to meet Armelle again wile traveling to Barcelona, but we never made it out that way.  Sigh.  Well, it's good to know that if I head to Amsterdam, I'll know at least one cute, talented dancer to do acro with.  :-)

My pierced nipple (I promised I'd post it for Rebecca)

Same, but close-up


Falling in a Fountain in Pordenon, Italy

Breathing Fire

Torch Passing

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